Credit Card Security Number

In order to ensure you are the person who actually has the card, and the card number has not been stolen from a database, e3 requires you to enter a number imprinted on your credit card which is known as a CID number, CVV, CVV2 or Card Security Code number for verification purposes.

Why do we ask for this? Basically it is fraud prevention for us. By limiting the amount of fraud processed by us we can lower our costs, which results in lower costs for you the customer.


If you have a Visa or a Mastercard the number is 3 digit long and is printed on the back of your credit card after your credit card number.


If you have an American Express Card the number will be 4 digits long and imprinted on the front of the card above your card number. If you have an Optima Card the number will be on the left side of the card for the rest of the American Express Cards the number will be on the right side of the card.