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Maldives informations
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General Information / Introduction
Choosing a Resort island or a Live-aboard
Price check / Rates
Room Availability
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Booking your holiday
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General Information / Introduction

We look forward welcoming you to Maldives and to meet and greet you on arrival from Airport.

This is your easy guide to help you familiarize with our booking, payment procedures and most importantly how to use this website to choose a resort, live-aboard or to make a booking. We have been constantly updating and upgrading the services that we offer to our customers by offering very attractive rates. Recently we have introduced live agents to help you with all your requirements on time without delay. We are glad to inform that we are very confident that the rates we are offering are the lowest rates available for all Maldives resorts/hotels featured.

We will not ask for your credit card and etc personal details to make a reservation for you, but we advice you to send your name, arrival/departure date & maximum details to make your holiday arrangements perfect.

As soon as we get your inquiry we will let you know if rooms are available, from the choice of your resort/hotel for your desired itinerary and will forward you the confirmation with total price for your Holiday including all charges. Only than you need to send us your credit card details or payment guarantee to reconfirm your booking.

We accept credit details to be sent by Fax only and is for security reasons.

We will always try our best to send you the booking availability, confirmation or denial within 12 hours.

In order to guarantee your booking and to block rooms payment guarantee should be made by return within 24hours as availabilities and confirmation are subject to change, as we work on first comes first basis with guaranteed payment. We have all the right in releasing the rooms or cancel the request if not reconfirmed or replied before we get another request for the same.

Resort/Hotel or holiday packages availability can be checked anytime through us either by e-mail, fax or phone call.

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Choosing a Resort island or a Live-aboard ...

If you have any specific resort of interest to spend your Holiday means it’s simple and easy. However, if you aren’t sure of what to choose or where to go, we are here to help you offer the resorts suiting your budget and requirements. You just need to let us know what you are looking for or the type of Holiday (Honeymoon, diving or etc) you wish to have in Maldives.

We will be continuously revising our list of resorts and holiday packages for your benefit.
The live-aboard listed are available for charter and few vessels operate on a regular weekly route. Individuals can join the larger vessels or other if available any time they want to. The vessels are suitable for fishing, leisure and diving safaris. These vessels have itineraries but can be changed if requested in advance and if possible at that particular time.

If you have questions please be in touch.

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Price check / Rates

The rates offered/featured are the best rates available and we are very confident that it will not be possible to get any better deal from anywhere else, including direct from the Resort Hotel.

The rates featured are valid for the requested period and are subject to change without any prior notice.
While making a booking you should enter travelers name, nationality, choice of resort, meal plan, arrival and departure dates, transfer type and as soon as we get your form we will get back to you.

If there are to add any government taxes it will be included and all details will be sent to you.

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Room Availability ...

Maldives has on of the fastest growing travel industry in this region. Due to this it has become very difficult to get rooms during peak period. We have over 70 resort islands (hotels) and a number of small & large safari live-aboards. The busiest periods are Christmas and New Year period, Month of January to February and August to September. The earlier you book your accommodation the better.

For most of the resort listed on this website you will now be able to get rooms with immediate quotation. For other resorts we will let you know the availability soon.

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Deposits and Payment ...

If your arrival is more than 45 days, to your arrival date we will charge a deposit of EURO or USD 100.00 upon confirmation and we will request the balance amount when it's 30 days to your arrival or will be informed at the time of booking.

If your reservation was confirmed less than 30 days to your arrival we will require full payment at the time of confirmation.

You can pay us with your credit card. We also accept bank-to-bank wire transfers or Western-Union money transfer methods. We will send you specific instruction upon confirmation of your reservation, based on your interest.

In case you cancel your reservation we'll refund you the payment less the cancellation charges if any. There will always be an administrative charge of 10% of the total amount, if you cancel the reservation in addition to the cancellation charges, if any. Please read our “Cancellation Policy” before you book.

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Booking your holiday ...

All resorts listed on this website are available to book directly with us. You can use the form to make the booking and also you will be able to calculate the costing for your holiday. The quotes should cover basically accommodation charges, transfer charges, and taxes. For most resorts the rates are inclusive of all government taxes and charges except the Bank charges for payment processing.

You can send your 'Reservation', or 'inquiry' request through this website, fax or phone call.

Your reservation will be confirmed soonest possible and we will try to respond within 12hours.

Once your reservation is confirmed with us, you can contact us anytime to check the status or can directly call the Resort/hotel or vessel or etc., and check the status.
We will be happy to assist you in every form and if you need any resort hotels tel, fax or e-mail we will be glad to offer the same for your kind perusal.

Please read the terms and conditions before you book which will be the mutual agreement.

We request you to visit once every month to our website to see of there is any change in terms & conditions.

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Special requests ...

When you fill the preliminary reservation form, please mention any special requests (such as special meals, honeymooners, wedding anniversary, non-smoking room or etc.). We thrive to meet your requirements as much as possible. We will let you know before we confirm if the request can be arranged.

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Group bookings ...

We offer discounts depending on the resort for group bookings of 12 or more; particularly for the live-aboards. Please request for discount at the time of booking and we will inform you if you are awarded a group discount.

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Late Bookings ...

We can arrange your holiday even with only 24 hour notice depending on the resort and transfer availability. We recommend the client to call us for very late bookings.

Many tour operators have had the advantage of having all or a great percentage of beds secured on an allotment basis (the rooms remain reserved for them till a certain time period normally 14 days to the arrival date). Most of the time the resorts will decline early reservations by individual for peak periods like the Winter. But unfortunately these tour operators some times are unable to fill the rooms reserved for them when the time period expires. Since we locally operate we are in a position to negotiate quickly and reserve these rooms for our clients who have wait listed or want to make a last minute reservation during peak and off-season.

We hope that you have gathered enough information regarding booking with us and if you still have any questions that we have not covered, please write to us.

Looking forward welcoming you to Maldives and to meet and greet you on arrival from Airport...

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