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Maldives Airport Information - Port Health

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Maldives being free from certain diseases that are of public health concern as well as of international importance, implementing continuous vigilance activities at Ports of entry at sea and Air, to ensure that appropriate surveillance activities are carried out effectively in safe guarding against any threat of introducing diseases are of health importance.Intensified surveillance for incoming passengers and continuous inspection of food items, and animals that were imported into the country is being carried out at all ports of the country.

In preparation for the certification of the Malaria Free Maldives, all incoming passengers from malaria-infected countries are screened.
For Certification of Sanitary Port an organized Medical Service, adequate staff and equipment provides in and out passengers care and attend Medical emergencies at port.

Disinfections is compulsory for Cargo aircraft and passenger aircrafts coming from Yellow Fever and Malaria endemic areas.

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