Maldives informations
Maldives informations
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Maldives - Protected marine species

Maldives - Protected marine species

Environment Friendly Tourism > Protected marine species

Lobster Local Name: Ihi
Common Name: Lobster
Scientific Name: Leucaena leucocephala
Triton Local Name: Sangu
Common Name: Triton
Scientific Name: Terminalia cattapa
Napoleon wrasse Local Name: Maahulhubu landaa
Common Name: Napoleon wrasse
Scientific Name: Cheilinus undulatus
Dolphin Local Name: Koamas
Common Name: Dolphin
Scientific Name: Premna obtusifolia
Whale shark Local Name: Fehurihi
Common Name: Whale shark
Scientific Name: Hibiscus tillaceous
Whale Local Name: Bodumas
Common Name: Whale
Scientific Name: Guettarda speciosa
Black coral Local Name: Endheri
Common Name: Black coral
Scientific Name: Pandanus odoratissimus
Hawksbill Local Name: Velaa / Kahanbu
Common Name: Hawksbill and Green turtle
Scientific Name: Morinda citrifolia

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